Day 1: Visiting the Farm

The farm was an hour away from the resort, and we were scheduled to be there between 9:30-10am, we met at the lobby at 8:30am. We arrived at the farm although we stayed on the bus until Lynette, our tour guide, instructed us to come off the bus. Originally they wanted us to work on the farm, although Piland sorted the plan out with Lynette and the farm owners, and instead, we spent the day practicing gathering footage.

Josh, our videographer, said it was tough because he wasn’t sure what he was getting into at first. He wanted to get as much footage to practice his techniques for the actual interview days. The sun was very bright that day so we had to ensure the ISO was set correctly. Josh and the photographers, Sneha & Sandra, had to make sure that paths weren’t crossing during shooting.

Hector, the farm owner, stated that artists from around the world came to his farm to create art, sculptures, and pottery and would leave it there as an exhibition. There was a talented lady onsite whose job was to make pottery and sculptures.

Hector explained us his philosophy on how the Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the Earth. He was very much into spirituality and was fond of spirituality originating from India.

We had a very an authentic lunch served to us at his Cabana. All the food was cooked from the produce grown at the farm. We had pork skins, soup (which everyone loved), squash, chard, yuca, beans, vegetables, and rice. They served papaya with cheese as dessert, it was rather sweet and felt would have been good in small quantities. Definitely our first time and weird taste! Mango juice and several liters of water were kept as beverages. The meal made the vegetarians and non-vegetarians very happy! Cubans love to drink a lot of coffee and served us some organic coffee and milk (cafe y leche) after our meal.

Hector sent us home with a big bag of coffee grown on his own farm. Mitch was mad because he couldn’t get his own bag but figured out a way before exiting Cuba!


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