Day 2: First Studio Visit, Touring Matanzas, and a Hilltop View

We started the day off talking about the type of footage we needed en route to Maderos’ studio. When we reached his studio, there was a large group of kids we thought would be easy to mingle with. After wrapping up our dy with the older kids, Maderos took us to his murals and a statue he created. One of the paintings symbolized good luck for the future of Matanzas. We saw the inside of the fire station and vintage fire trucks.

We went back to the studio and kids started painting on plates and canvas on easels. It was crowded so it was hard for photographers and videographer to get shots and clear audio. As people moved around the space, photographers became creative to achieve their shots, such as standing on chairs. The studio was very open in some parts and closed in others. It was great that we had natural light during shooting, although at times of overcast, photographers quickly adjusted their ISO.

We walked through an alley to the courtyard surrounded by a garden like setting with art carvings on the wall. We were served guava, pineapple, and papaya along with sangria at the beginning of the meal. There weren’t many options for vegetarians except rice and salad although other folks had chicken (pollo y arroz). Dessert was delicious flan and optional coffee concluding the meal.

After our meal, we went back to Maderos’ studio to take photos of the nearby surrounding areas. We spent 25-30 minutes walking around getting shots of pedestrians, buildings, and interesting locations. As we walked around, we noticed a tree with a gear and birthday party going on. The hair barrette’s reminded Brittney of the 90s.

After the short photo session, Lynette and Marel took us to a nearby overlook. Some guy came to up to Brittany and asked, “Do you want to hold a baby hawk?” Brittany gave in and the baby hawk scratched and pooped on her hand. After holding a hawk the guy asked her for money so she gave him a coin.

The temple was beautifully lit inside with candles, paintings, and carvings on the ceilings. The lady inside told us we could get a better view from the top of the temple but required 2 Pesos to go to the top.
There were small kids flying kites that kept getting stuck in the Ferris wheel. The overlook of Matanzas was beautiful but the weather was very cloudy.


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