Day 4: Mederos Interview, Seniors, Personal Tour by Mederos

Day 3 at Mederos’ Studio was with the elders! Photographers and videographers had a smooth time maneuvering around the space to get shots. Josh, Ben, and Mitch made sure the equipment was set up and ready as soon as they got there. All of us became more comfortable to get close up shots of the seniors. It felt extra special since it was our last day at the studio. The video team got an interview with one of the elders!

The elders did a painting of clouds in the sky with a quote written on top of it. It truly came from their heart and was very meaningful. After they finished painting, they gave out the painting they had made.

Maderos’ team gave us small coffee mugs that had a painting on it. Katie broke hers by accident, so they gave her a mask.

We had lunch with Maderos, another lady that worked closely with him, Yania, Lynette, and Marel. While walking to the food spot, Sneha, Josh, and Mitch took photos and videos of local pedestrians. For lunch, the meat eaters had rice with beans and okra, pork with chicken, and served with mojitos. Vegetarians had delicious vegetable rice. Overall, lunch was very filling.

After lunch, we toured to see Mederos’ work around Matanzas and went to a shop that had one of his mural at the top of the wall with umbrella ceiling that had a shop attached to it. We went back to the studio with Maderos to get the final footage – Interview with Maderos.


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