Day 5: Free Day, Shopping at the Handicraft Market, Lunch at Mansion Xanadu Restaurant

Our last full day in Cuba was a free day, with only a few scheduled activities at the start of the day, leaving the afternoon to enjoy as we see fit.

First, we were taken on a driving tour to the farther reaches of Veradero, where more recently-built resorts were located. On the way, we passed the Hotel Xanadu, where we later returned for lunch.

After lunch, we were set loose in the handicraft market, where we could haggle with independent vendors for various goods. Usually booths had a specialty – fabric goods, leatherworking, woodworking, and ceramics were all common. Many vendors offered to customize their goods if we bought them, burning a requested name, word, or phrase into the wood or leather. The men of the group opted out of shopping early on in favor of gathering video and photo content for our project.

Once we were all done shopping, the team went and spent time on the beach to round out the day.


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