First Impressions

When we came out of the airport, we saw everyone looking for their family members. We saw the old colorful American cars parked in the parking lot. The weather was warm and sunny with a little bit of moisture in the air. When we got to enter the bus, we met the bus driver name Marel. We drove around and got a tour of Havana.

We all noticed that Cuba is very different from the U.S. in different ways. They have different art work in each building, clear ocean water, and the bathrooms.

Their building structure was so beautiful and full of color.

In Cuba bathroom, you are not allowed to flush toilet paper down the drain. If you do flush it, then it can eventually stop up the pipes. So they like for everyone to put the toilet paper in the trash cans that are provided by each toilet. Sometimes when you go into a bathroom, you will have to tip the attend that is on duty.

Get used to tipping! For example, when you go to some of the bathrooms there, you will have to tip the attend that is on duty. We also had to tip at every meal.

“Welcome drinks.” We got free welcome drinks when we first walk into the resort. We thought that we were special for a short moment of time. We also realized that we had access to unlimited drinks!

The resort was really nice and the afternoon events were entertaining to everyone. The hotel was by the beach, so we went there every afternoon to relax. Some of us brought a wifi card, which was 2cc for an hour. So that they can talk to their family members and work on the project. You had to be by the pool, in order to be able to get a great connection. But everyone didn’t after they realize to make sure that they put bug spray on so that they the mosquitos will not bite them.

The weather was sunny and a breeze here and there. It did drizzle for a little bit, but we were on the bus. So it was not that bad! It felt like the temperature felt like the low was 60 Fahrenheit and the high was 79 Fahrenheit. We thought it was weird how the sunny would be beating on our skin around 11am to 3pm, which made it hard to work

The food was awesome and every restaurant had a beautiful food presentation. Some of us tried certain foods for the first time, like the duck on the fifth day. The service was all around well done!


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